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June 18, 2022

7:00pm - 9:00PM

This evening I will read to you from my short story: „The Abbey“

„Oh sweetie you are already ready for me, well, let’s not keep you waiting long“, he breathes and sinks his mouth delicately on her lips to conquer her oral cavity with his greedy tongue. This kiss tastes wonderfully sweet and smoky whiskey, moist and extremely passionate. Their tongues dance tango in the midst of the now well-filled Abbey. They circle each other like two thirsty people on the verge of drowning, devouring each other’s dripping saliva and greedily exploring each other. He has meanwhile slid his hand seductively down her back and very lightly kneads her right ass cheek in time with his intimate tongue strokes. He buried his other hand possessively in her neck. So they stand at the bar for a while and make out until they are completely out of breath…“



June 19, 2022

After 62 Days

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Upcoming Events

evening of poetry

You will hear my favourite poems of various authors. Although, I write prose, I adore poetry and find my inspiration in it as well. Welcome to the first Evening of Poetry!

New Book Presentation

As many of you know I’m going to publish my recent book called carnival in Patra.  You will be able to hear the story of its creation and about its prototypes.

Friends Meeting

We will communicate in casual friendly atmosphere, read a few novels and talk about today’s life and future plans. You will get an autograph and a few words to remember.

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